Fewer Oil Changes & Cleaner Engines

For over 30 years, puraDYN has helped customers extend oil life with a high-efficiency, patented bypass oil filtration system that continuously and safely cleans engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid.

Bypass Oil Filtration from puraDYN

60% of engine wear is caused by particles sized between 5-20 microns, but most OEM full-flow filters only perform efficiently at 15-40 microns. Without a bypass oil filter, increased engine wear can occur when particulate matter under 15 microns is not trapped by the full flow filter. puraDYN bypass filters capture particulate even smaller than 1 micron.

Without a bypass filter, oil becomes dirty much faster – accelerating engine wear and requiring it to be changed more frequently.

  • The puraDYN bypass oil filtration system does not affect the engine’s oil flow or pressure.
  • The puraDYN system does not replace the conventional full-flow filter – it works in conjunction with it to enhance micro-fine filtration.

PuraDYN’s impact on your equipment

It keeps your engine running on continuously clean oil, which can extend engine life from 25% to nearly 200%, and mid-cycle top-end overhauls may be delayed or even skipped.

It can also reduce oil changes by up to 90%. This contributes to 90% less oil purchased and stored, reduced cost and environmental risk of waste oil storage and disposal.

How does the system work?

Working like a kidney dialysis machine, the puraDYN system diverts a small amount of oil at a slow rate of flow. Leveraging puraDYN’s patented solution, the filter continuously and safely cleans the oil of impurities and replenishes key additives.

Saving oil, time & money

Calculating the Return on Investment from using puraDYN is easy when you consider most puraDYN users skip 3, 4, and even 5 or more oil changes. Instead of changing oil, an oil analysis is completed and the puraDYN filter element is replaced.  If oil analysis confirms the oil is still good, there is no need to change the oil.

The upfront cost of a puraDYN system is usually in the range of the cost of an oil change, and filter element replacements cost less than 20% of an oil change.  This means most of the customers who use puraDYN, break even by the 3rd skipped oil change and enjoy up to a 5x ROI from then on. The customers are also delaying or completely skipping costly mid-cycle overhauls because their engines are running so clean. 

Advantages from using puraDYN

  • Removes solid contaminants down to 1 micron.
  • Removes water with Polydry polymer technology.
  • Replenishes base additives to maintain oil viscosity and proper TBN levels.

Industries puraDYN serve

  • Commercial Marine 
  • Mining & Construction 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pickup Trucks & RVs
  • Remote Location Powers
  • Truck Fleet & Transit Buses 

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