Sludge reduction, fuel improvement and water fuel emulsion

Using a Fuel Improvement Device (FID), will enhance combustion, lower emissions, improve fuel economy, extend engine overhaul intervals, and lower overall operating costs!

Sludge Reduction

IPCO Power’s FID Reducer Sludge Reduction Systems are installed directly before the centrifuge. As a result of the reduction in fuel droplet size, centrifuges and filters will be able to more effectively remove inorganic contaminants and stay clean much longer. Consequently, sludge generation from centrifuges and filters will be reduced by approx. 50 to 80%. As a result, centrifuge and automated filter flushing intervals will have to be adjusted and will be significantly extended.

To effectively reduce the undesirable emissions, soot and improve the fuel quality of your facility, we recommend the FID Reducer and FID Improver or FID Injector combination. The FID Reducer will reduce the droplet size in the fuel system just before the separator and will assure that all useful fuel will pass the separator. Because of the heaters and pumps further in the system the fuel passes through piping towards the engine will normally re-agglomerates. To reverse this effect immediately before the engine an FID Improver/FID Injector is recommend. The FID Improver/FID Injector will reduce the droplet size again to a 3 micron for an improved combustion. 

Combustion Improvement

IPCO Power’s FID Improver Combustion Improvement Systems homogenize heavy fuel oil after passing through heaters and pumps in the high-pressure side of the fuel injection system, supplying fine filters and injectors with fuel droplets of 3 micron or smaller. The improved atomization and more intensive contact of fuel with oxygen will significantly enhance combustion, reducing fuel consumption and lower emissions. 

Advantages of our product  combination: 

Fuel efficiency
- Up to 1,25 % savings on 4 stroke engines (*)
- Up to 2,4 % savings on 2 stroke engines (*)
(*) based on ISO 3046/1 

- Less separator maintenance
- Less engine maintenance

- Up to 80% sludge reduction
- Up to 5% NOx reduction
- Less black smoke
- Up to 70% PM reduction 

Industrial application solutions for: 

  • Marine
  • Power
  • Cement
  • Steelworks

Water in fuel emulsion

IPCO Power’s FID Injector is a combustion improvement system designed to create a stable “water in fuel” emulsion. The implementation of emulsified fuel significantly enhances fuel atomization and distribution in the combustion chamber. This results in more effective combustion, lower fuel consumption, and a reduction of NOx, HC and PM pollutants, while the engine’s combustion chambers, pistons, exhaust system, and lube oil will stay much cleaner. Read more.

More applications:

Blending fuels to meet predetermined specifications

IPCO Power’s FID Blender is designed to blend fuels to produce a stable homogenous fuel. The system can  be utilized to blend batches of fuel to adjust for sulfur or viscosity content. It is also possible to use the system to add for example a biofuel in a certain ratio. IPCO’s FID Blender provides a reliable, stable and completely homogeneous fuel to meet predetermined content specifications. 

Re-using remaining sludge and waste oil

IPCO Power’s FID Recycler sets new standards in re-using any remaining sludge and waste oil. All installations operating on HFO produce sludge and waste oil, resulting in an expensive disposal problem. With the use of IPCO’S FID Recycler the current “waste stream” can now be converted to “fuel” to be used in boilers and incinerators. This “new” fuel will have the same efficiency as the conventional fuels typically used in HFO installations.


Preventing fuel system issues due to bad fuel quality of heavy weather

IPCO Power's FID Recycler can also operate over a storage tank to prevent MGO, Fuel oil or Crude oil to have a bottom layer with sludge. Bad quality fuel can upset centrifuges and filters in bad weather conditions.