Save time and cost while protecting the environment

Renotronic is owned by CSK Group ApSand established in 2017. They offer professional inspection, repair, and recycling of industrial electronics, focusing on sustainability and lifetime extension.

Renotronics sustainable goals

 At CSK Group Renotronic they support the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on goal number 12: Responsible consumption and production. You can join them, by choosing to repair instead of buying new.

For a long time, it has been a general idea for Renotronic that defective electronics need to be scrapped. This idea probably originates from the fact that consumer electronics have gotten cheaper, and that very few are able to repair the electronics. The truth is, however, that industrial electronics are often expensive, have long delivery times, or have been discontinued.

By repairing, you will often save both time and money. Furthermore, you spare the environment by not contributing to unnecessary production of new electronics.

Why repair instead of buying new?

The production of electronics can include up to 50 different chemical elements, which leaves a lot of bad waste! Research has shown that there for instance is used 1.5 tonnes of raw material to produce a computer.

Electronics gets worn over time and much like other mechanical equipment it can be repaired on the same level. Some components get worn out due issues such as drying out, heat or vibrations, but the common topic is that this can be repaired.

It is possible to not only repair electronics, but also service and maintain full operation without down-time.

In conclusion, Renotronic offers service, maintainance, and life extension of electronics across several industries. If you would like a service check, we together with Renotronic can look at the most appropriate solution to ensure stability and reliability.

Equipment that Renotronic repairs:

  • Circuit boards
  • Communication modules (Boards, PCB, units etc.)
  • Control units
  • Industrial displays/monitors
  • PLC
  • Servos
  • Power supplies
  • And more..

Why choose Renotronic?

  • They are professional electronics specialists
  • Their electronics lab is ESD certified EN 100015 / IEC 61340 (Third party)
  • They have advanced and specialized equipment, which saves time, and at the end money for clients
  • They have build thorough knowledge from projects across several industries
  • Electronics repair from Renotronic are both fast and of high quality