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Solutions based on Quality and Flexibility

Tech Solutions is able to supply components and equipment from major branded companies


Off-line Fine Filtration


We offer a wide range of Off-line Fine Filtration Solutions for all types of oils and applications. It is about reducing cost, extending the effective lifespan of valuable equipment by keeping your system oils clean and dry - all the time!


We focus on simplicity, effectiveness and on setting new standards when it comes to oil filtration and water separation.


Keeping your system oil clean all the time - reduces your downtime - reduces your cost and improves your green profile.




Spare Parts

Tech Solutions also offers support in sourcing of spare parts and equipment based on customer specifications and requirements in general, - don’t hesitate to contact us no matter your requirements.

You mention it and we will get it!

Marine and Off Shore

Through competent partners we are able to carry out supplying solutions within:


Corrosion & Water-Control

Biological Sewage Treatment System

Fresh Water Generator

Ballast water treatment

HYCON Hydraulic Tools


Tech-Solutions offers you handheld hydraulic demolition tools with high focus on operator comfort and safety, which along with fuel savings up to 85% bring contractors high profit.


The tools is useful for contractors, utilities, municipalities, railways, demolition, rental, army, cutting and drilling, renovation,

groundwater lowering, pumping and many more.....



Food Processing and Dairy

With many years of experience from the Food Processing Industry - Tech-Solutions is your partner when it comes to heat-exchangers, pumps and other processing equipment from major manufactures

We can help with the optimal technical solution for any possible task.


Second Hand Equipment

Tech-Solutions can also offer a big variety in Second hand machinery for processing of Fish and Meat, Fruit and Vegetable and Dairy Processing.

We also have access to top class suppliers with a large selection of other industrial equipment – such as gensets and air compressors.

We are only awaiting your request!


We always make fast, easy and reliable deliveries to our customers.

Also to remote areas!



The obvious choice for good quality and delivery guarantee