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Hydraulic Power Systems


For contractors that want a cost efficient and very mobile solution, HYCON hydraulic power systems are unbeatable. Evaluate the size and weight of the hydraulic power station and tools, see their performance - a valuable asset in your operation as you can move it around to sites without having to use towing on the road. You can easily lift it into the back of a pick up truck or a station car. On-site it is equally easy to move it around for the operators without use of expensive lifting devices.


Tech Solutions is also able to supply components and equipment from major branded companies.






HYCON HH10RV is an exceptionally handy lightweight pick hammer designed for horizontal breaking in walls, brick wall and reinforced concrete. The low weight and compact design makes it very suitable for narrow working places. The HH10RV is a very popular breaker among contractors, telecom, supply companies (power-water-gas-sewage), and is a true “hit” for rental.




Ring Saw


The HYCON hydraulic ring saw offers you the most overall efficient and productive 300 mm deep cutting. All parts run in oil - no down time and service is next to nothing.



Rock Drill


The HYCON HRD20 rock drill is the only tool on the market with built in air flushing and 4 different settings of blow frequency and rotations. The investment in a HYCON HRD20 rock drill and a HYCON powerpack is therefore the best investment on the market


Hydraulic Tools


The benefits of hydraulic tools are numerous. Hydraulic systems are cheaper to buy, run and maintain, leading to obvious cost reductions for the operator. The rugged design of the machinery also offers trouble-free performance and powerful, but economic performance.


The hydraulic solutions from HYCON offer our customers a number of significant advantages.

Low maintenance:

Being a hydraulic system makes wear very minimal, and the power pack requires very little maintenance apart from keeping it reasonably clean. We often see HYCON in areas where it would be extremely difficult to get a compressor working or even placed. This is even more important if the job at hand requires flexibility and mobility. As already mentioned moving it from site to site is much easier than in the case of a compressor.

If you find above of interest please find time to go through our HYCON main catalogue. We will look forward to help you safe money and find the right solution for your requirements.




Safe money!


A 9HP HYCON power pack has the same performance as a 25HP air compressor, and a 9HP HYCON power pack and breaker costs at least less than half of a 25HP compressor and breaker set.

A 25HP compressor consumes 9 liter of fuel per hour and a 9HP power pack only 1.5 liter per hour.

In a working day the difference saved can be up to 60 liters.

The cost reduction is in running cost and maintenance, but also in tied up capital. It all goes to increase efficiency and profit.

Tech-Solutions represent HYCON in many African countries.




Different Applications Hycon Tools


  • Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Road / asphalt contractors
  • Utility / civil engineering
  • Rental
  • Cutting and drilling contractors
  • Demolition
  • Renovation / refurbishment
  • Rescue
  • Railway
  • Army
  • Pumping
  • Under water use
  • And many more
  • ect.....



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